Friday, 1 July 2016

Biscuits & Cream Mandala *GIVEAWAY*

This morning the Biscuit & Cream Mandala was born and it's become my first GIVEAWAY over on Instagram.
Rather than do housework I decided to crochet ... I did have all good intentions to clean, but I failed miserably.

This is based on the Crochet Mandalas from my previous blog post.
I used an acrylic yarn this time - Patons Smoothie DK in linen and cream.
To create the points on the last round I did Ch3 then SC (UK DC) into the 3rd chain from the hook.
The GIVEAWAY is open until Monday 4th July 2016 7PM UK time.

UPDATE: Congrats to @cottage_knits who won the mandala (plus a surprise rustic hanging heart too).