Friday, 11 December 2015

Robin Redbreast Button Card

I have sat down a few times to make this year's Christmas cards, but something has always interrupted me. So much so that I've ended up behind, so I needed a quick design to get ahead.
I used this 6x6 greeting card insert template for Microsoft Word - and just amended the margins a little so it fit my card stock.
The robin image is from Adobe Stock. I altered the size of the robin so the red breast matched the size of my 9mm buttons.

The wording is from a children's song.
A touch of glitter on the snow courtesy of my Wink Of Stella glitter brush and a red paper insert finished off this year's Christmas card.


  1. These are so cute, who doesn't love a robin!
    I think you linked up to the Handmade Monday with some sort of mobile device so when I clicked through your site looked weird. The header was huge and the photos were all tiny. I clicked view web version at the bottom and now it all looks fine. Just thought you might like a heads up.

  2. That is so perfect, love it and robins to me are the bird for Christmas plus the button is perfect.

  3. Cute cards - love buttons on the tum too!

  4. So cute, who doesn't love the little Robin Redbreast? I love the button detail.
    Merry Christmas x

  5. They are really sweet, I hope everyone liked their cards.