Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pimp That Stool! Yarnbomb Project

Ever since I saw my first yarnbomb, I've wanted to have a go at it.
Rather than attempt a tree (!), I decided to try something simple, like a stool.
I used some yarn I originally bought for an Attic 24 bag - I think I still have enough left to still do it! The stool was a £3.99 metal stacking stool from Dunelm.
For the stool seat, I followed the first few rows of a Trivet Cover pattern. I then "busked it" ... crocheting in back loops and decreasing to get the cover to fit the seat.
I crocheted very simple tubes for the legs -  a long rectangle whipstitched together.
I twisted the tubes once they were on the stool to give a swirl effect.
I love how the crochet has transformed the stool into something I'd happily have around the house.
So there you have it ... my first yarnbomb! From now on, no object is safe! 


  1. Very pretty colour combo. I like the tube legs too. Having banging my knee on something today, I am hobbling around, and wishing everything had a crochet covering, perhaps including my own leg.

  2. Oooo I love this stool, such beautiful colours. I'm doing a similar round design cushion at the moment, in fact I've nearly finished one side this evening between the tears as I watched Downton Abbey! A cushion seems a bit boring now compare to a stool, I'm adding a copycat project to my to do list now!

  3. wow that is so good and what a difference. Love it

  4. That's fantastic! Love the stool.

  5. I Adore Yarn Bombs! did a special feature post on them last year on my blog, Love how yours came out, Oh I will learn how to crochet one day - its on my bucket list!

  6. Aww i love it! That has to be the cheeriest looking stool ever :) x