Monday, 30 November 2015

Hanging Baubles Christmas Decoration

I was looking for some hanging decorations for my lounge. I saw something I liked in a shop, but the colours didn't suit. So I decided to make my own Hanging Baubles Decoration. 
These gorgeous baubles came from The Range. They're metal with a bead in them - so they jangle!
I measured 3 pieces of ribbon; one 22 inch, one 28 inch and one 34 inch. Using a lit match I sealed the ends, to prevent fraying.
After threading through the loop of the baubles, I gathered the ribbons together and tied a knot. 

Through the knot I slipped a small metal hook.
A simple solution to my decoration needs and half the price of the one I saw in the shop.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Christmas Kisses Mistletoe Garland

My crochet mistletoe garland is a great stashbuster.
Each bit uses a small amount of yarn and takes little time to make.

Here's how to crochet the mistletoe garland:

DK or Aran yarn (I used Rico Creative Cotton (Aran) in Pistachio)
4mm hook

Row 1 chain  12
Row 2 tr (UK dtr) in the 5th chain from the hook, tr in the next chain, dc (UK tr) in the next 2 chains, hdc (UK htr) in the next 2 chains, sc (UK dc) in the last 2 chains
Row 3 repeat Row 1 and 2
Row 4 chain 8, slip stitch in to the 2nd chain from the hook, then slip stitch in to each of the remaining chains

Join to the base of the first leaf with a slip stitch and fasten off.
Weave in the ends, then using cotton, sew on buttons for the mistletoe berries. I used random sized white buttons. Make 14.

Using red yarn, chain desired length. Then slip stitch into each chain attaching the mistletoe at regular intervals.

By tying a loop at the ends of the garland, it can be hung easily.
Pattern ©Leasowes View 2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Hubby Cowl

For the first time I've made something for my other half. 

Introducing 'The Hubby Cowl'.
Not only is it the first thing I have crocheted for my husband, but it's the first piece I have made for a man.
Here's the pattern:

DK yarn (I used Womens Institute Premium Acrylic Yarn in chocolate)
5mm hook

**** Note: all stitches are made into the back loop only ****

Row 1 chain  60
Row 2 hdc (UK htr) into the second chain from hook & then in each stitch across, chain 2
Row 3 hdc (UK htr) into the first stitch and each stitch across, ch2
Row 4-52 repeat Row 3  (do not ch2 at the end of Row 52)

Fasten off leaving a long tail

Use this tail to whip stitch the cowl together. Secure and then weave in ends.
Crocheting into the back loops gives the cowl a ribbed effect.
My other half is chuffed with his cowl, though not so chuffed about being my model!
If you use the pattern, let me know! If you post your finished piece on social media, don't forget to use the hashtag #thehubbycowl.

Pattern ©Leasowes View 2015

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pimp That Stool! Yarnbomb Project

Ever since I saw my first yarnbomb, I've wanted to have a go at it.
Rather than attempt a tree (!), I decided to try something simple, like a stool.
I used some yarn I originally bought for an Attic 24 bag - I think I still have enough left to still do it! The stool was a £3.99 metal stacking stool from Dunelm.
For the stool seat, I followed the first few rows of a Trivet Cover pattern. I then "busked it" ... crocheting in back loops and decreasing to get the cover to fit the seat.
I crocheted very simple tubes for the legs -  a long rectangle whipstitched together.
I twisted the tubes once they were on the stool to give a swirl effect.
I love how the crochet has transformed the stool into something I'd happily have around the house.
So there you have it ... my first yarnbomb! From now on, no object is safe! 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Remembrance Poppy Crochet

It's Remembrance Day on 11th November and the red poppy has become an emblem of Remembrance.
I crocheted my own this year using this pattern
I used Patons Fairytale Soft 4ply yarn in a bright red and a 3.5mm hook. 

A black silk button gave my poppy a centre with a badge pin sewn on behind it.
Despite wearing my own poppy, when I see the Royal British Legion selling theirs, I'll still put my money in the tin.