Monday, 19 October 2015

Au Revoir! Handmade Card

Do you use Instagram? I've grown quite attached to it of late and from time to time I post about the projects I'm working on.

This is my most recent project post...
A simple leaving card for my work colleague. She loves Paris, so Au Revoir seemed fitting.
Red, white and blue (the colours of the French flag). An Eiffel Tower charm attached to a ribbon bow*.

The sentiment "Au Revoir" not "Goodbye".
I just love simple cards. Less is more, plus they're quick to make.

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* To avoid fraying, I singe ends of the ribbon with a lit match - the perfect seal.


  1. Now this is just adorable. The bow and the little trinket make it so much more special than jus t an average card.

  2. It's simple and stylish, thanks for sharing on Handmade Monday

  3. I've never used Instagram but I've heard good things about it. I love the card, simple but effective. The ribbon sets it off perfectly.