Monday, 23 February 2015

Heart on a string

As my little boy napped, I took the opportunity to make this card for someone I know who got engaged on Valentine's Day (no, not Lady Gaga!)
I used a digital stamp by Lizzy Love.

My blank greeting card was A5, so I used an A5 page layout in Microsoft Word. By trial and error - printing a couple of times on scrap paper - I found where to place the image so it would start on the fold of the card.
I added my wording using a text box, which enables you to place text anywhere.

Once happy with my design, I printed and folder my card.
On some patterned paper, I printed the image again and cut out the hearts - I used blue and pink paper.
I used glue dots to stick on the small hearts and to achieve dimension, foam pads for the larger hearts.
Finally, I finished it off with a simple crystal rhinestone on the middle heart and a white paper inlay.
This design could be used for weddings and anniversaries too.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Heart of Clay

This is my silver clay heart pendant.
I've had this air dry clay for sometime and I've finally got round to using it.
I started off by rolling out a small ball of the clay. Then using an old craft knife, I cut out a heart shape - if you have a small cutter you could use that, but I did mine freehand. I made a neat hole in the top of the heart using a metal skewer.

The piece took 24 hours to dry out.

I painted both sides of the heart with acrylic paint. It dried quickly, enabling me to add another coat quite soon afterwards.
Although the silver paint was metallic, I felt the heart needed some pizzazz. As I don't have any silver glitter paint, I used a nail varnish.

Once dry, I added a top coat of Mod Podge.
Finally, I used a jump ring to attach some leather cord to the heart, making the cord into a necklace using a sliding knot.