Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fjord Eyes Only

We've just returned from one of the most beautiful and scenic holidays I have ever had...cruising The Norwegian Fjords.
We sailed on the Queen Victoria, a member of the Cunard family.
Taking a baby on a cruise was a great idea - no chores to do, no washing to do, no meals to prepare, just 7 whole days to enjoy being a family.
Our first port was Bergen and we took a trip on the Fløibanen Funicular to experience the fantastic views (you can see the Queen Victoria bottom right)
We sampled the delights of the Fish Market
Second port was Andalsnes where we got ashore via the ship's tender
One man didn't seem too keen to see us...!
We then went on to Olden and saw it's beauty from an open top bus tour
We stopped mid tour to photograph the glacier down Olden Valley
Stavanger was our final port of call and it was hosting it's Gladmat food festival
It was our first cruise and it's safe to say we definitely now have the bug for it!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


If you want something a little different on your wrist then this Fabric Charm Bracelet project is for you - and it's made up of items you may find in your crafty bits and bobs.
I used a scrap of floral fabric and some charms.

Using the sewing machine, I made a tube out of the fabric (hemming the tops for a tidy finish). 
Using a chopstick, I turned the tube to be the right side out. This can be tricky, but persevere as it's worth it. To see how this is done, check out Genoveva von Lubeck's tutorial here

I then pressed the fabric, as the chopstick method does crease it somewhat.

I put the charms on to the fabric using jump rings. A bird, a pearl, a heart and a flower (the pearl and flower are off a broken necklace).

Finally, I tied two sliding knots to allow the bracelet to be adjusted.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Going With The Flow

Earlier this year I was so happy to be contacted by Flow Magazine in The Netherlands. They were preparing their Flow Holiday book and wanted to feature my Memory Jar project.
 This week the Editor, Ellen, sent me a copy so I could see my feature!
The magazine is beautiful. There's some lovely items in it including paper photo frames, stickers, a holiday journal, pretty papers and paper bunting...
This is my first feature in print and you'll have to forgive me showing it off - I am over the moon!

Why not create your own Memory Jar?

Perhaps you have some bits and pieces you have collected from your holiday this year?

See how I created mine here