Saturday, 11 August 2012

Coasting along

I love taking photos and here's some of my favourites from my trips to the coast...

Coryton Bay, Devon, UK
Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall, UK
Dawlish, Devon, UK
Weston-super-mare, UK
Old Town Beach, Benidorm, Spain
Watergate Bay, Cornwall, UK
Brighton Beach, UK
The Seven Sisters, East Sussex, UK
Plymouth, UK
Beachy Head, East Sussex, UK


  1. Love your photos and I recognise a lot of the uk ones especially Devon and Cornwall. My photos are nowhere near as good as yours but I have just posted views around the Salcombe Cosatline in Devon if you fancy having a look

  2. I do love the coast so and each and everyone of your photos are lovely!

  3. Love your pictures! I play around with photography a bit... although not much of landscape photography right now because we have not gone anywhere in awhile. Anyway, beautiful photos- thanks for sharing!